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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  September 11, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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it is dry. it can warm up rather quickly. at 9:00, it is a gorgeous morning. so happy you're with us. grab your coffee, here's a peek outside. 66 degrees inside the beltway. but this morning, we got down to the 50s and even some 40s in our subu suburbs, oh, yeah, that's what fall is all about. some more numbers show we're at 56 in martinsburg and hagerstown. 64 in la plata right now. leonardtown, in the 70s. that's where we're headed this afternoon. by the lunch hour, we'll be approaching the middle 70s. 78, 79 later this afternoon. there is some rain coming. i'll tell you how it may or may not impact the redskins game coming up in a few minutes, barbara. >> okay, kim. thank you very much. see you in a moment. a day that's always going to be in the collective memory of our nation. nine years ago today, four planes, two in new york, one here in dc, one in pennsylvania brought unspeakable grief to the lives and the communities across the country. today the thousands lost that
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day are being remembered in ceremonies around the country. the largest ceremony at ground zero got under way just minutes ago. michelle franzen has more on how the country will be remembering this solemn anniversary. >> debt pit a heated debate and plans to burn copies of the koran, today, nine years after the terrorists struck, the focus returns to remembering the victims. ceremonies in new york, virginia, and pennsylvania pay tribute to the 2,752 victims killed when terrorists hijacked four commercial planes and attacked the u.s. in lower manhattan, 9/11 families gathered at ducati park adjacent to ground zero. throughout the morning as has now become tradition, the names of victims will be read and four moments of silence will mark the
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times each plane hit and each tower fell. vice president joe biden is attending the ceremony, along with city and state leaders and first responders. at the pentagon, president obama participates in a wreath laying ceremony. and in shanksville, pennsylvania where united flight 93 crashed, first lady michelle obama along with laura bush attend a ceremony to honor the passengers who fought back. meanwhile, the plans to rebuild at ground zero are moving forward. the centerpiece, one world trade center is expected to be completed by 2013. with each construction step forward, there remains a connection to the past. the national september 11 memorial and museum, slated to be finished in 2012. >> a memorial to inspire people
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around the world. and always remind them never to forget. the tribute in light -- twin beams of light illuminating the night sky and symbolizing where the twin towers once stood. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. as the country looks back at the events of 9/11 today, one local school will be using the memory of those lost to look toward the future. the community college of dc will be opening the first community-based campus, and at the same time, honoring two students who lost their lives on 9/11. news 4's derek ward joins us live from bernie bachus middle school in the middle east with more on today's ceremony. good morning. good morning. the crowd is gathering here on a crisp, white september morning, not unlike the one nine years ago today when so much about our lives changed. 11-year-old asia and her teacher, sara clark, were among the 64 people onboard american airlines flight 77 when it hit the pentagon. now, they were on their way to a
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california conference to participate in a national geographic society event on ecology. he had just entered sixth grade here and had a love for science and math and clark was a beloved social security teacher here. their names and images are a part of the building with today's dedication with a memorial just outside of the schools that's since been converted to the community college part of the university of the district of columbia. it's only fitting that these two people are remember in the name of education. joining me is alan sessons. he's the president. it's fitting these two folks are remembered like this here today. >> it's essential. one of the things we need to do is remember on that day so much is lost but we gained a sense of ourselves again. a wonderful 11-year-old. sort of brings tears to everybody's eyes.
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>> when is this supposed to happen? >> monday. this is a workforce development for the community college. it's part of the fabric of the community. talked to a lot of people here. they want the building -- the facility to continue as an educational enterprise and the community center. doing both. it will be a lot of fun. >> it's become hallowed ground now. every day when people file past the entrance, they will look at the two names and entrances and be reminded what these folks dedicated their lives to. >> that's the enterprise of the american system. we want to embrace the american
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dream. we have to live it. the example of these two, they were striving to do that, is something we never want to forget. >> they will always remember in that way when the school opens on monday. live in northeast. back to you. >> thank you. and let's take a live look now at shanksville, pennsylvania when united flight 83 wept down nine years ago this morning. live picture from shanksville, pennsylvania. this morning, a florida pastor is still officially calling off plans to burn the koran. the reverend jerry jones travelled to new york late last night from gainesville, florida. he spoke on the today show this morning. he said even though he has cancelled his event, he believes he got his point across. >> we feel we have accomplished our goal. we were obedient.
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we felt that god is telling us to stop. we hope making the first gesture, not burning the koran, saying no, we're not going to do it. >> not today, not ever. >> we're not going to go back and do it. it's totally cancelled. we hope that through that, maybe that will open up a door to be able to talk to the iman about the ground zero mosque. >> jones said although he doesn't have a meeting scheduled, he hopes to talk with the imam behind the proposed mosque near ground zero. well, the local muslims say all of the attention over the florida pastor wanting to burn the koran could generate positive action. one imam we talked to said the story has many people wanting to learn more about his face. he said the controversy still brought out a sense of patriotism and respect for religion. >> i'm so happy that it's not muslims that have to stand up and say this is wrong.
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it's other americans who stood up and said this is not america. >> tomorrow, religious leaders from various faiths will come together for a unity march. it will start at 3801 massachusetts avenue in northwest dc. and end at the gandy statue near dupont circle. organizers expect some 1500 ople to attend. well, you have a chance this morning to help protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft. nbc 4 is holding another community shred today in rockville. it's going on right now at the rockville campus of montgomery college. it runs until 11:00 this morning. all of your documents you want shredded to parking lot 13 which is adjacent to the montgomery county public school's office at 850 manakee drive. among the items that we will be accepting are personal papers, financial and legal documents. papers with staples and paper clips will be accepted. envelopes with plastic windows too. and up to five card board boxes
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and/or paper bags of personal papers. and, still ahead this hour, much more on this ninth anniversary of the attacks on september 11. and police in one local county are turning their attention to distracted driving. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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keep both hands on the wheel. police looking for distracted drivers. offenses that might get you pulled over are not limited to texting behind the wheel either. >> stopping drivers we observe engaging in distractive behavior. eating, personal grooming, talking on the cell phone. because of that, their driving is not where it should be. >> virginia's texting while driving law has too many loopholes. so instead, officers will be
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writing citations for failure to pay full time and attention while driving. how this woman got to be so drunk so early in the morning. her blood alcohol limit was twice the legal limit when she crashed. the police want to know if the drinks were flowing too freely at the bar. jackie reports. >> the horrific crash happened at 8:30 wednesday night. a white dodge caliber became wedged at a store front after jumping an island and striking two pedestrians. in the aftermath, they ordered two separate tests for the driver. 23-year-old tameka adams of mitchellville had results of .18 and .17 respectively, double the
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legal limit in the district. police believe she had been in the club called district up the street. a web flier and a recent "washington post" review noted offers of free drinks in a happy hour. kathy lanier confirms her officers are working with the dc and alcohol beverage regulatory agency. >> i know they are 12 hours or so into that pretty details investigation. i think there will be more information forthcoming shortly. >> a student at the johns hopkins school of advanced international studies near dupont circle remains in critical condition. melissa bask of france, 26, a hopkins graduate student suffered less serious injuries and could be released from the hospital soon. >> at the hospital yesterday. and family members coming in for the young women who were injured in this. it's just a -- it's a horrible incident. and i have to say you talk about
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alcohol and the havoc that alcohol, especially drinking and driving can create, no better example. >> a call requesting comment from district was not returned. jackie benson, news 4 today. >> we've got the start of a beautiful day here in the nation's capital on this saturday. great day to get outside. >> yes! do it today. tomorrow we'll be hearing rain drops on your head and we'll talk about the details coming up. 9:15, 64 degrees. great day. !%
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authorities stopped plans to release an american woman jailed for more than a year. state media reported that the country would free sara as an act of clemency as the holy
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month of ramadan ended. hours before that release, the official said she must stand trial there. she was hiking with shane bow hard last july when iranian officials say the trio crossed the border from iraq illegal. federal officials are trying to figure out why a gas line exploded in a san francisco suburb destroying dozens of homes there. leanne greg has more on the investigation. >> this is what's left from the san bruno airport. 167 homes are destroyed or damaged. 15 acres charred. four people confirmed dead. hell on earth, that's how some described the blast that shot flames hundreds of feet in the air. >> we thought a jet had gone down. >> fueled by a ruptured gas line and explosion so violent it shook the earth.
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>> i thought we were having an earthquake. nothing happened. i looked at the kitchen window and saw a huge explosion. >> as the inferno jumped from house to house, they jumped from house to house with no water. >> we couldn't be successful putting out the fire with the supply being shut down. >> the fire was mostly contained. in addition to those killed, more than 50 otherings were injured. some critically, and now the question, what happened? the local gas company, pacific gas and electric said a 30-inch gas line when it's 40 or 50 years old likely ruptured. >> we're constantly working every day to make sure we maintain the integrity of that system. >> as the investigation intensifies, people stun in this community rocked by the disaster hoped for answers. leanne greg, nbc news, san bruno, california. on this saturday morning, a great day here in the nation's capital with a feel of fall out
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there right now. >> nice and comfortable. especially for three weeks. >> getting comments saying how much longer can it last? i know. >> a lot of people out. a lot of challenges. and the cirque du soleil opening night tonight for national harbor. and i met this wonderful couple. they've been loyal channel 4 viewers forever, they say. lexington park. meet vaughn and net tooe mccall. take my picture for the phone and show it on tv. out and about getting things done this weekend. nice, a 50-50 weekend. today is the day you want to get outside. i think the rain is coming tomorrow. and it's going to be raining in the morning and into the afternoon. tailgating in the redskins game will be damp. by gametime, it will be drying up, but cloudy. here's the numbers, 64
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frederick, a few 50s out there from winchester to hagerstown. 64 quantico, 70 already in leonard town. the weather, again, for tomorrow. the cloudy skies at gametime, 8:15, fedex field, 69, the showers should be to the east by then. okay, today's looking good too. 80 in warrenton, 79 downtown. upper marlboro, 78. 77, mostly sunny and winchester. right now, 66. we're feeling good. got to love this weather forecast with this dry air. it can warm up rather quickly. not a lot of humidity to slow it down. but this humidity, again, will be working in from the west tonight. first clouding us up, then bringing us the rain by the morning hours. we are going to squeeze in a great day for a game today as for the nationals, 75 at 1:35. playing the florida marlins, we're all good to go with mostly sunny skies forecasted. again, there's the cloudy weather forecast tomorrow evening after the rain comes.
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all right? let's put it together for you. the front that's going to be lifting the air over us. once it passes by, starting tomorrow morning, there we are, 6:30 in the morning. it will be cloudy, if not showery in the middle of the day, that's where the bulk of the rain comes. not today, in good shape. take you between 75 and 80. winds out of the southeast. lots of sunshine. cloud up. we'll stay dry in the evening. good to go. by tomorrow morning, 69 to 54, a cool rain falling and the southeast wind. talk about the next seven. the 80% chance of rain tomorrow. a cool day, only 71 for the high. and monday and tuesday, back up to around the 80s with lots of sunshine. wednesday, thursday, back to the 70s. clouding up. rain moves back in here. by friday, 80 degrees. two shots tomorrow. for the redskins, not so dry for the nats. and again later in the week on friday. >> well, okay. thank you very much.
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we'll see you again shortly. >> do you have old and confidential documents sitting around your house? this morning is your chance to finally get rid of them and rest easy knowing that they've been destroyed. nbc 4 is hosting another community shred today. it's going right now at the rockville campus of montgomery county. montgomery college, that is. joining us for the event, richard bynum, the executive vice president of pnc bank and alan stugar for shred it, washington, d.c. and philadelphia. maybe you can tell us why pnc decided this is a cause that you like to be involved in. >> sure, pnc is committed to the environment and being green. we're a company with the largest number of certified green buildings in the world. more importantly than that, we're concerned about protecting the identities of our customers
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and the people we serve here in the area. this is a great opportunity for us to come out, take care of the documents that they have, and make sure they're taken care of in a safe and secure fashion. so we're out here. we're committed to making sure that -- that they had that opportunity. and what we would like to remind people is just to make sure that they protect our identity, they work with companies that don't solicit their personal information on-line or in any fashion like that. and always sort of pick their documents and this is a great opportunity for them. >> all right. alan, maybe you can tell us how it all works here with shred it. you have a big truck out there taking care of all of the documents that are being brought in. >> what we do here, we have our drivers shred it on site. they run through and by the time it's said and done, we're using about recycled paper. when they're done, they'll take it to the warehouse where we'll put it in semitrailers and take it to recycled plants.
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>> 40 tons. that's a lot. richard, looking behind you, both, there, looks like you have quite a few people lined upcoming in. tell us again how long this is going to last today. >> this is going to last -- starting at 8:00 this morning. be here until 11:00. in line by 11:00. take your documents. we've had a great turnout this morning for people who are interested in sort of protecting their identity. and maybe even interested in protecting the environment. which i think is a great cause. >> thank you, both. we're going to come back out a little while later. check in and see how things are going. thanks again, and good luck out there today. >> thank you very much. >> thrilling night on the gridiron. two great football games. one on the high school level, the other in college. dan helly has highlights from both in our sports minute. good morning, everybody. your sports minute starts with college football. last night, the west virginia mountaineers battled back from a
9:27 am
21-6 deficit to beat the marshall thundering herd, 24-21 in overtime. west virginia tied, it was 15 seconds to go in regulation. and marshall missed a 39-yard field goal in overtime. that wasn't the only thrilling game last night. on the high school level, damascus and clint orchard, back and forth in montgomery county. conner frazier keeps it himself to put the storming hornets up. a chance to win it. the pass to core day thomas falls incomplete. and drama finally over as damascus wins it 27-23 and snaps a five-game losing skid to qo. in baseball, the nationals and marlins meet for the first time tonight. the nats down 3-0 early. can't come back. the marlins drop the nationals, 3-1. that's the morning sports. i'm dan helly. have a great weekend. >> 9:28 is our time right now. much more on the services and
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ceremonies marking the ninth anniversary of 9/11. stay with us.
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live look at ground zero here in new york. hallowed grounds. a day none of us will forget. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 today. i'm barbara harrison. the news is ahead. a quick check on the weather. we have you expect today and the rest of the weekend. >> a nice quiet day to be local and outside. should be really nice. i don't anticipate any problems today, barbara. beautiful sunshine, 66. winds are light out of the north at 5 mile-per-hours.
9:32 am
some of our neighbors have low 60s like manassas, 61 in sterling. annapolis at 66, quantico coming in at 64. a lot of dry weather for now, but that moisture to the west will be here. it's going to arrive late in the overnight. by tomorrow morning. today, need not worry. work on a high of 78 degrees. that will happen between 3:00 and 6:00, a nice day. and the mavs are at home too at 1:35 at nationals ballpark. no problems. >> that's good to hear. see you again shortly. on a day we wish never happened, 9 9/11 will never be forgotten. the president is at the pentagon honoring those lost with their families and friends. vice president joe biden is attending a memorial service at a park near ground zero right now. these are live pictures from that service. the ceremony there will pause four times, first came at 8:46 when the first planes struck the
9:33 am
north tower. they will pause again at the times when the second plane struck and at the times that each tower fell. houses of worship in new york are tolling their bells during each of the four moments of silence. michelle obama and former first lady michelle bush are attending services in shanksville, pennsylvania this morning. seeing the ceremony just under way. it began at 9:30. shanksville is where flight 93 crashed into a field after passengers onboard overtook the hijackers. and the remembrance of those lives lost at the pentagon will continue this morning. president obama will join family members who lost members of their families to remember this day when terror hit their homes here in our area. this was darcy spencer reports. >> on the eve of the anniversary of the september 11 attacks, many have been drawn to
9:34 am
commemorate the memorial. district resident liz mora came here for the first time tonight with her children. >> they need to know and learn what happened. and just sitting on the benches is pretty powerful. that's why we're here tonight to honor and respect them. >> the memorial has 184 illuminated benches, each with the name of a victim who died when a hijacked plane 77 slammed into the pentagon. rosemary's husband, eddie, was one of them. >> it' supposed to get easier, you're supposed to find closure. i have never found closure. >> jessica morrow and matthew callahan are visiting from connecticut. they say the 9/11 memorial is moving and a reminder to never forget that day. >> it's amazing to see how many people actually lost their lives for what? i don't know. >> every year, it gets more heated topic. you see on the news about the mosque in new york and the koran
9:35 am
burning in florida. chris anderson came to iraq to pay her respects. >> fitting tribute to the sacrifices that were made on 9/11, both civilian and military, whether it was the victims in the plane and the victims that were in the pentagon. i think it's a very solemn and beautiful memorial. >> darcy spencer, news 4 today. >> we are going to go to the president now. he's speaking at the pentagon. listen in? >> it's tempting to dwell on the final moments of the loved ones whose lives were taken so cruelly. these memorials amend your presence today remind us to
9:36 am
remember the fullness of their time on earth. they were fathers and mothers, raising their families, brothers and sisters pursuing their dreams, sons and daughters, their whole lives before them. they were civilians and service members. some never saw the danger coming. others saw the peril and rushed to save others of the stairwells into the flames, into the cockpit. they were white and black and brown, men and women, some children. made up of all races, many faiths. they were americans. and people from far corners of the world. and they were snatched from us senselessly and much too soon.
9:37 am
but they live on in you. nine years have now passed. and in that time, they've shed more tears than you will ever know. though it must seem some days the world has moved on to other things, i say to you today that your loved ones endure in the heart of our nation now and forever. our remembrance today also requires a certain reflection. as a natn and as individuals. we must ask ourselves how best to honor them, those who died, those who sacrificed. how do we preserve their legacy, not just on this day, but every day. we need not look far for our
9:38 am
answers. the perpetrators of this evil act didn't simply attack america -- they attacked the very idea of america itself. all that we stand for and represent in the world. the highest honer, we lost. indeed, the greatest weapon in the ongoing war is to do what our adversaries feared the most. to stay true of who we are. to renew our sense of common purpose. to say we define the character of our country. we will not let the band of murderers who will cowher in caves distort who we are. they doubted our will, but as
9:39 am
americans we persevere. today in afghanistan and beyond, we have gone on the offensive and struck major blows against al qaeda and its allies. we will do what's necessary to protect our country. we honor those who serve to keep us safe. they may seek to strike fear in us, but they are no match for our resilience. we do not succumb to fear. nor will we squander the optimism that is always defined us as a people. on a day when others sought to destroy, we have chosen to build, with a national day of service and remembrance that summons the inherent goodness of the american people. they may see -- >> president obama speaking live at the pentagon on this, the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. we'll be right back.
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let's talk about the weather. we have nice weather today. it could change tomorrow, right? >> by tomorrow morning, a totally different story. we need the rain. it will be welcomed rain since we are in a deficit since the year. great to have you with us this morning. clear and ready to go. a beautiful start with low humidity. fall is in the air. we're going to keep it here through the day. 66 is our starting point. and we're going to work our way up to the 70s with clear skies. the green on the screen to the left. that will be arriving here late in the overnight. by tomorrow morning, rain drops falling. here's more numbers, sterling, 61. frederick, good morning, at 66. off to the east. clinton, 64, off to the west, winchester, 62. highs out here today in the middle and upper 70s. 80 for warrenton in fredericksburg and frederick, maryland.
9:44 am
up marlboro. out on the bay, 77. waves about a foot. and the beach weather today is looking really good. rehoe both, for example, 76 degrees for sunshine down to ocean city, the water temperature, down to 73 degrees. going to be watching the moisture. this comes tomorrow. out in the morning. early in the afternoon, if you're going to do some tailgating, that's the raining time. then we'll have lingering clouds. not a bad way to finish your sunday. not bad. 75 to 80 with a southeast breeze coming up tomorrow morning. that's when the rain will be around. we'll be up around 64 when you get up and upper 50s in the suburbs. got 80% of rain tomorrow. cooler, 71. monday, tuesday, drying out nicely with 80s. wednesday, thursday, both dry. although thursday will be cloudy. friday will be the next chance of rain at the end of next week.
9:45 am
average low of 62. may be close to average by the end of the week. if we get rain tomorrow, it's a sprinkle. >> a couple of showers. it will seem like a lot. ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not.
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you have a chance this morning to help protect yourself of becoming a victim of identity theft. nbc-4 is holding another community shred today in rockville. it's going on right now on the rockville campus of montgomery college. it runs until 11:00 this morning. you have more time. joining us right now from the event of the montgomery county executive, and the president of montgomery college, thanks both of you for being with us this morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with the county executive. tell us why this is important for folks to come out and participate in this? >> clearly identity theft is a real problem in our community.
9:49 am
and when you think about it in terms of recycling, it's an opportunity for our community to come together. nbc-4, i think, has been congratulated and organized a wonderful community event right here in montgomery college. right now we had close to 1,000 people come here so far. so i think we're well over that number. >> all right, and now let's talk to darian pollard. did you expect it to be such a huge crowd out there today? >> well, i must admit it was very interesting coming down the street and seeing the number of cars here today. but i think as executives said, speak the community right now. many people are concerned about identity theft. and i'm excited that montgomery college is glad to be part of the partnership of hoping our community college. for us, community is not adjective, it's a verb. we're actively engaged with our community. >> we add news 4 thinks it's an important event as well.
9:50 am
we thank you for joining us this morning and allowing us to go on in your county and it's your college. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> we will take a break and come
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they continue to read the names of the victims this morning on this anniversary of 9/11. >> may be impossible to think we could forget the tragic events that unfolded on this day. but the reality is, many young children were shielded from the horrors of this day by parents and teachers. now the kids are in high school. and one man believes teaching students that the painful events is necessary. he started by building a tribute center near ground zero and wants to make the story of 9/11 required reading in the nation's schools. mike tiabi has this story. in rural phillipsburg, kansas, 1300 miles from ground
9:55 am
zero, the high school day began as usual wednesday morning. and then, for some students, took an unusual turn. >> turned on trk v and watched the day unfold. >> that day, 9/11, when most of the students were 7 or 8-year-old grade school kids whose teacher sought to protect them from the unfolding horror. >> they didn't want to talk about it that much. >> if little was said then, much was forgotten, we'll never know the detail, this pilot course in the history of 9/11 was intended to change that. >> let's go in. >> the curriculum was created by retired firefighter lee, iopi whose son, jonathan was one of more than 300 firefighters who died on 9/11. amid the terrible images, some difficult questions addressed. >> how do you talk about radicalism as opposed to good islamic people. >> he's explored the answers
9:56 am
himself with muslims who are among his colleagues. >> but even though iopi says many teachers have come through the tribute center and just got to get it to my students, it just hasn't happened. >> 9/11 has to be taught, he says, or these students may only learn history through the prism of the day's headlines. >> learning what somebody in florida would say about the koran, burning the koran. >> instead of real history, even if it's painful history, to keep it from being repeated. >> we don't forget the holocaust, we don't forget slavery. we -- we educate. we teach it. >> these students say they get it. >> we have to learn about this. we have to know why it happened. but what we can do to prevent it. >> lee iopi's point exactly. >> my son not going to come back if i hate. i would rather do something more progressive. i would rather think about tomorrow. >> but today just one middle of america town, fewer residents than the number of 9/11 victims
9:57 am
is teaching. mike tiabi, nbc news, new york. that's it for news 4 today. thanks for joining us. back tomorrow morning. until then, have a great day. you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas.
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